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The Keeping of Chickens in Salem, VA

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We, the under-signed, believe that pursuant to Salem City Code, Article II: Poultry Generally and sections 14-36 and 14-37, the citizens of Salem should legally have the right to keep chickens on their property.  We encourage City Council to modify the Zoning Ordinance to allow for small, backyard flocks of chickens.  Many other similar-size cities, including Roanoke City, as well as cities as metropolitan as NYC, LA, Denver, New Orleans, Miami, and Las Vegas allow residents to keep chickens.  We hope that Salem's Planning Commision, along with Salem City Council, take note of this and work with residents who want to responsibly maintain a small flock - especially since residents have been under the assumption, per City Code and Animal Control, that they legally could have chickens for well over a decade.

Futhermore, we wish for people to realize that, when properly kept and maintained as they would have to be following sections 14-36 & 14-37, "backyard flocks" impove soil quality and health, they decrease common pest such as: fleas, ticks, and mosquitos, they are gentle animals, they are far more quiet (hens and chicks, not roosters) and do far less damage than common pets such as dogs, and they will provide you with eggs fresher and healthier than store-bought. 

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